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Verónica and Florencia Andrés are mother and daughter. They are award winning speakers and authors (Premio Planeta Libro de Plata, Premio Planeta Libro de Oro). Verónica and Florencia are fully bilingual (English and Spanish) they are leading experts in coaching, motivation, effective learning and emotional intelligence. They are the authors of the best seller Confianza Total (Total Confidence) published by Editorial Planeta-Argentina. It has been translated into several languages. Confianza Total is now a “long seller” with 29 editions published and over 200.000 copies sold only in Argentina. It has also become widely known because the authors, mother and daughter, have created an amazing keynote presentation based on their book that they present with great success in mainstream theaters in Argentina. The mother-daughter team is very active in their social media channels Facebook fan page has 360.000 fans and their Youtube channel over 4.000.000 million visitors. They have been featured on CNN, Fox, ESPN and numerous morning shows.

They are the authors of another bestseller "Desafiando Imposibles" (Challenging Impossibles-or Anything is Possible) that has been named as “the bible of coaching” with foreword by Jack Canfield with over 80.000 copies sold so far. They are also the creators of the DVD Full Confidence, produced by SONY MUSIC available through Amazon. Their last book, CONFIANZA TOTAL PARA TUS HIJOS (Total Confidence for Kids) with a foreword by John Gray is also on the list of best sellers. It´s a book that is considered as the solution everybody has been looking for in the field of education and parenting, it has a unique blend of theory and practice, with a very special feature: it was written with the participation of 19 acclaimed international authors and leaders such a Jack Canfield, John Gray, Janet Attwood, among others.

Verónica and Florencia are active members of the Transformational Leadership Council a group of the 150 top transformational leaders in the world.

Currently, Verónica de Andres and Florencia Andres spend a large part of their time on their activities within Confidence Time: an organization created to offer live presentations, online training programs and coaching sessions that are life changing experiences. To know more about the authors below is a three minute video or visit their website:

Above all, Verónica and Florencia are a unique mother-daughter team. They both have a passion for excellence and a captivating writing style. Together they combine Veronica´s 30 years of international experience with Florencia´s young entrepreneurial spirit and practical mind. That is why their books and live presentations have such a high reach, with people from all walks of life.

Verónica has a Masters Degree in Education with Distinction from Oxford Brookes University (UK). She has given seminars in English, Spanish and French for numerous companies and front-line educational institutions in Argentina, Australia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Holland, Israel, New Zealand, Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States and Africa. She has the following publications in English:

  • Seeds of Confidence, Austria, Helbling Languages, 2009.
  • Self-esteem or the metamorphosis of butterflies, in J.Arnold Affect in Language Learning, Cambridge University Press, 1999.
  • • Self-esteem and language learning: breaking the ice, in F. Rubio (qv) Newcastle, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007.

Verónica is a Dame of Grace of the Order of St John of Malta for her “outstanding work in awareness education on a global scale.

Florencia holds a Masters Degree in Coaching from Universidad del Salvador, and two Honours degrees in Political Sciences and Journalism. She took her degrees in Argentina and the United States. Florencia is a university lecturer in life coaching, a writer, life coach and speaker – in English and Spanish – and she is passionate about taking part in inspiring and transformational projects. She was one of the directors of the film Full Confidence. She has worked in business consultancy and currently she is one of the Directors of Confidence Time, designing and delivering life transformational programs and writing books together with Verónica de Andrés.

Golden Book Award for their 100,000 books sold

Verónica and Florencia are the best people to motivate you to reach your goals."

Damián Amato
president of SONY MUSIC

Verónica and Florencia are acclaimed international speakers

They are experts in delivering high-impact keynote presentation for very large
audiences, motivating people from all ages and levels of

Veronica´s and Florencia´s keynote addresses are given for organizations all over the world. These are high impact multimedia experiences where they present transformational topics to large groups of people. They inspire audiences enabling participants to see some key aspect of improvement for themselves or the organization in a very short time. They have a message of confidence for every audience: parents, teachers, corporations, that can make people reach new levels of satisfaction and achievement.

These are some photos from their most recent performances:

Quality Theatre, 2000 participants

Quality Theatre, 2000 participants

Maipo Theatre, 700 participants

San Martin Theatre, 800 participants

Quality Theatre, 2000 participants

Verónica & Florencia are colleagues and friends of some of the most renowned international authors

Jack Canfield

John Gray

Janet Bray Attwood

Roger Hamilton

Beth Misner

Bobbi DePorter

Ivan Misner

Verónica de Andrés is a friend of mine, who I consider to be one of the most conscious in the world. She is “the real deal” as I like to say. Her heart is huge, her competence immense, and her consciousness pure and evolved. I have presented at several international conferences with her around the world, and love and respect her and her work.”

Jack Canfield, United States
Best-selling Author - Founder of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and one of the leading roles in The Secret film

Verónica and Florencia are the best people to motivate you to reach your goals."

Damian Amato
President of SONY MUSIC

When words resonate at the frequency of love as they were intended, it becomes a powerful and transformational awakening. Verónica and Florencia speak to us on every level of possibility in our lives and provide us with the tools to recognize and achieve our greatest self while we are here on this Earth.”

Christa Frosch
Sotheby’s International Realty Canada

I personally recommend the products and services provided by Verónica and Florencia their team at Confidence Time Production as they are based on true best practices, rooted in the confidence people and organizations have to improve their effectiveness to reach their personal and company goals. Their expertise in areas such as Organizational Coaching, Self Esteem & Motivation, Effective Learning and EmotionalIntelligence is very impressive and are very valuable to all people and companies that want to get to the next level of effectiveness”

Horacio Agostinelli (Jr)
President and Managing Director , The HADA Group. USA

Verónica is a beacon of light in the world. Her passion for human development, accelerative learning, and self esteem has brought her work to thousands of people worldwide. She is a major contributor to greater love and peace on the planet...a true gift to the world and an angelic presence to all who know her.”

Paul Scheele, United States
Best-selling Author & Co-founder, Learning Strategies Corporation

What a beautiful and inspiring book! Any parent out there knows the myriad of challenges we face in our efforts to do what we can to ensure our kids are health, happy, well-rounded individuals. But all too often, we’re bombarded with information that just doesn’t make sense, or isn’t applicable to our daily lives. Verónica and Florencia have changed all of that in this ground-breaking book full of not only actionable content, but cutting edge research that backs the philosophy it purports. A must read for anyone with a child in their life.”

Nick Ortner
NY Times bestselling author of The Tapping Solution

Verónica is obviously a great teacher.”

Nathaniel Branden, United States
Best-selling Author “The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem”

Verónica de Andrés M.A. is an inspired, charismatic teacher, consultant and coach in the field of self-esteem and creative self-realization. Her brilliant empowering seminars in either English or Spanish are in keen demand all over the planet. I have known Veronica now for over 5 years and have seen her in action at several different venues and in several different capacities. I can recommend her without reserve as truly outstanding, both as a human being and as a professional.”

Jens Jerndal
Honorary President , Fundación Honrar La Vida,  Argentina

I had the privilege to meet Veronica at a conference on Emotional Intelligence in the Netherlands where she delivered the closing keynote. Very capable of leading large audiences, she delivered her inspirational message on the power of love from the heart and clearly touched many. Veronica goes the extra mile and efficiently reaches out to people using different types of media. She is compassionate, energetic and widely acknowledged”.Carina Fiedeldey-Van Dijk , President , ePsy Consultancy- USA

Carina Fiedeldey-Van Dijk
President , ePsy Consultancy, USA

It is a such a pleasure for me to recommend Verónica and Florencia´s books." 

Don Miguel Ruiz
Author of the Four Agreements

Verónica and Florencia are the two brightest stars in the Southern hemisphere sky. They are masters at reorienting you to see new horizons and wonderful paths, and will be with you as you change your life.!"

Dr. Mark McKergow
Bestselling author of Solutions Focus

I deeply congratulate Verónica and Florencia: two outstanding women united with the purpose of making a difference in our lives.”

Tomas Morell
President of Franklin Covey Latinamerica and Caribbean

If you believe, as I do, that children are from heaven, our job is to give them a heavenly experience here on earth. This book provides a life-long support system for children to realize their glorious potential and be part of creating the kind of world we all want –heaven on earth. Mother-daughter authors, Veronica and Florencia, are living models of this." 

Martin Rutte
Founder of Project Heaven on Earth

Verónica handles silences as the great TV presenters, she is one of the best trainers I have ever seen, she has a great image, she is tender yet firm and straightforward.”

Irene Domínguez Pérez, Spain
New Projects Director of Antena 3, Spanish television network and media company 

Verónica and Florencia — a powerful mother-daughter team — have put together a definitive and practical guide to helping parents and anybody interested in the upbringing of children move beyond fear and beyond anxiety to a place of real confidence and faith. The tools and distinctions in this book have the power to help families live significantly more fulfilling lives.”

Eric Edmeades
Founder of Business Freedom & Wildfit Health program

Verónica walks her talk in a most inspiring way. She provided us with excellent training, very carefully designed and delivered, tailor made to our needs - just as easily attuned for an audience of several hundreds of professionals as for a workforce team of 6 or 10 setting up an innovative experimental education. Everyone (of all levels in the organization and of all walks of life) was inspired and took her words and ideas and exercises to heart and brought them further in our work. Very practical and real! It is a joy to work withVeronica as her expertise and inspiration have a marvellous combination and presentation. She embodies a paradigm of Love/respect/oneness.”

Charlotte Korbee, The Netherlands

I have organized a number of important events for Veronica in Spain - several talks at the University of Seville and 3 residential weekend training workshops related to self-esteem and effective learning. They have been highly successful and in all cases participants went away very inspired. On a feedback form after one talk a participant wrote, “I have never spent such a useful hour. I’ll remember this all my life.” I know there have been similar responses in other university contexts. I have also worked with the governmental teaching center (CEP) in Seville organizing seminars for teachers; after Veronica’s first seminar, there was such a demand that she has been invited there a total of seven years in a row and has also been invited to teaching centers in other cities. She has definitely left an imprint on teachers and administrators in our area.”

Jane Arnold
University of Seville, Spain

Verónica de Andrés touches her audience in their heart. Her magic performance, her voice and movements, and especially her attuned exercises have deep effect on your personal development. You feel honoured and full of confidence after her workshops and keynotes.”

Kees Blase
Owner, HartFocus, The Netherlands

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