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Total Confidence for Kids is really the solution that everybody has been looking for!”
Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles, The Secret andChicken Soup for the Soul

Becoming parents is one of the most dramatic changes in life. And, sometimes, a lonely road. 
One out of three parents feels alone when it comes to educate their children. Research shows that children bring about more arguments between parents than any other issue – more than money, more than work, more than in laws, sex or communication. Being parents today is a bigger challenge than ever before.



FOREWORD by John Gray

Author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, maximum best-selling non-fiction book of all times

I don´t know if you are a parent, a grandparent, an educator or a leader. What I do know about you is that you must have a child in your life that you care about, and that is why you are reading this book. Do you want this child to believe in himself? Do you want him to be successful, to be able to overcome obstacles and to achieve his dreams? Do you want him to cultivate the attitudes and skills that will help him become the best version of himself? Would you like to have a pleasant parenting experience?

There are too many parents, grandparents and educators who feel completely at a loss with this new generation of children. They don´t know what to do with them, so they alternate between punishing them and threatening them; between letting them do whatever they want to do,
and becoming rigid. And when they don´t know what to do, they go back to old formulas that used to work, but have now become obsolete. The children of today have been born into a different world: the culture of democracy in it full sense. This is the generation of social media: they like to participate, to give their opinion and to comment. They are the “do it yourself” generation, most of the things they learn are just a click away. Children are different today. They have a voice of their own and they want to be heard. That is why we need a new way of parenting, a new model of education. If we want to help them unfold their full potential, we –parents, educators and leaders- need new tools.

Today children need authority –someone with more experience who can set the course and the limits- and at the same time they need much more support: they need to be listened and be supported. This book offers new insights to raise fully confident kids and youngsters, who will believe in themselves but will not become arrogant rebels.

This book has something that makes it very special: a mother and her eldest daughter wrote it. I know Verónica and Florencia, they are very well respected by our colleagues. I´ve seen them onstage, what they do is extraordinary. And more importantly, I´ve seen them offstage, I´ve shared days with them and have witnessed their mother-daughter relationships: it is a solid and kind bond that cannot be faked.

They walk their talk and practice what they preach. Their message is authentic. At the same time, everything that Veronica and Florencia present is based on academic ground and research. That makes each chapter of this book a true compound of invaluable wisdom. In the first chapter, they offer the keys to make children believe in themselves; to help them identify their strengths, learn from their mistakes, set their own goals, finish their projects, solve their problems and understand the importance of effort.

In the second chapter they travel inside the children´s brains; they will teach you how to boost their natural intelligence, how to enhance their creativity and how to learn how to study in a fun way. The third chapter reveals the secrets to disciplining children without threatening, yelling, lecturing and without exhaustion. It offers an approach on discipline that is modern, loving and effective. They show how to set healthy limits, how to stimulate autonomy and how to raise emotionally intelligent kids. The fourth chapter brings together the voices of some of the world experts on parenting, education, health and success… so that your children, grandchildren or students do well in life. Dear friends like Jack Canfield, Bobbi DePorter, Ivan Meisner and Janet Attwood and me have participated in this chapter During more than 40 years I have dedicated my life to working with millions of people all over the world. I have passionately researched about how to create better relationships on a family level. I´ve written “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” and “Children are from Heaven” with more than 50 million readers in over 50 languages…and as I read the new book by Verónica and Florencia, I can say that what they offer, works.

This remarkable book weaves together solid content, recent research and down-to-earth techniques…and that´s what makes it the perfect gift for new parents, and parents of toddlers. It is a great gift for parents with primary school kids. It is the best gift that parents can give to their selves and to their families, from the time their kids are born to the moment they leave the home. But this is not just a book for parents.This is also a book for all grandparents who want to come closer to their grandchildren. Nowadays so many women are working mothers, and grandparents are becoming ever more present in kids´ lives. This is also a great book for educators: here you will find the keys to motivate your students so that they really want to go to class and give their very best.

It is a must-read for leaders and politicians who are committed to creating lasting changes in their organizations and their communities, because the only way to create a better future is to educate the new generations in this refreshing paradigm. This book will appeal to a broad audience ranging from very simple people – who will be attracted by the friendly style- to very sophisticated people –who will enjoy they solid research embedded- that is why I believe this book should be in every home, every school, every hospital and every organization. If every parent, teacher, doctor and leader reads it, reality can be transformed. I dare say that this book can change a country, and the world…one child at a time.

I can envision a world where people believe in themselves, reach their full potential, make their dreams come true and live a happy life. This book can make it happen if we educate the next generations in this paradigm. Read it, use it and teach it to others. Let´s make this a better world,
John Gray

This wonderful book has been written by these two beautiful women called TotalConfidence for Kids, for teens, anybody who is a parent, a teacher, a grandparent, anybody who works with kids. This is a book chock-full of information, principles and techniques that you can use to build self-confident children. You are going to plant a seed in them, and when that sprouts, they can become an adult that´s fully functioning, takes responsibility for their life, knows how to own their emotions, how to set goals and achieve what they want in life….that is what we want to do as parents. So this book is really the solution everybody´s been looking for. Make sure that of you care about kids, you get this book, you do what´s in here, and you´ll be really glad you did.”

Jack Canfield
Bestselling author of The Success Principles, The Secret and Chicken Soup for the Soul123 million books sold / Guinness Book World Record for having seven books simultaneously on the New York Times Bestseller List.

A big testimonial for Total Confidence for Kids! I think one of the things that I certainly could have used as a young person was more confidence. Confidence comes through experience and it comes sometimes from other peoples´ experiences. If we can learn from other people experiences, then we can have a better experience. I don´t thinkI´m going to live long enough to make every mistake that can be made, so if I can learn from others mistakes and build my confidence, I think that is really important. That is what I love about this book covers and how it helps children and young people develop more confidence. Enjoy the book,
there´s some amazing stories.”

Ivan Meisner
CNN calls him “the father of modern networking”author of more than 20 bestsellersFounder of the largest business network in the world

What a beautiful and inspiring book! Any parent out there knows the myriad of challenges we face in our efforts to do what we can to ensure our kids are health, happy, well-rounded individuals. But all too often, we’re bombarded with information that just doesn’t make sense, or isn’t applicable to our daily lives. Verónica and Florencia have changed all of that in this ground-breaking book full of not only actionable content, but cutting edge research that backs the philosophy it purports. A must read for anyone with a child in their life”

Nick Ortner
NY Times bestselling author of The Tapping Solution

I want to give a super special endorsement to the book Total Confidence for Kids. In fact, I would go one step further and say that if you have not even read Total Confidence yet, make sure you get a copy. And for Total Confidence for Kids: weather you are a parent, weather you are a teacher, weather you are someone who knows that there are children within your neighborhood or your community could really do better if they could see themselves as leaders of the future…make sure they get this book so you can make sure that you are making your part to be able to make sure our next generation changes the world in the way we know it needs to be changed.”

Roger Hamilton
NY Times bestselling author of The Millionaire Master PlanAsia´s leading wealth consultantAuthor of 5 bestsellers of the NY Times

This is an important book. Verónica and Florencia — a powerful mother-daughter team — have put together a definitive and practical guide to helping parents and anybody interested in the upbringing of children move beyond fear and beyond anxiety to a place of real confidence and faith. The tools and distinctions in this book have the power to help families live significantly more fulfilling lives.”

Eric Edmeades
Founder of Business Freedom &Wildfit Health program.

If you believe, as I do, that children are from heaven, our job is to give them a heavenly experience here on earth. This book provides a life-long support system for children to realize their glorious potential and be part of creating the kind of world we all want –heaven on earth. Mother-daughter authors, Veronica and Florencia, are living models of this. Buy this book for your own family, your friends, and your colleagues at work. Let’s have our children and our children’s children live life as the angels they truly are."

Martin Rutte
Founder of Project Heaven on Earth

Every parent must read and understand the important messages in Total Confidence for Kids. It´s a new world and parents need new parenting skills”

John Gray
Bestselling author of Men are from Mars Womenare from Venus the biggest best-selling non fiction book of all times50 million copies sold, translated to 50 languages

Total Confidence for Kids should be in every school in South America, because it is a step by step wonderful guide book for parents to be able to instill confidence in their kids so their kids can go out and be healthy and happy and vital and passionate and successful…all the things that we want our kids to be!”

Janet Attwood
Bestselling author of The Passion TestHer program is present in 40 countriesCo-founder of one of the largest online magazines in the world

I work with a lot of kids and teenagers, and I totally endorse the book Total Confidence for Kids because confidence is so important! Once a child has confidence, it changes everything in their life!”

Bobbi De Porter
Bestselling author of 12 books including Quantum LearningProduces educational programs for 10 million children.

This book Total Confidence for Kids has called my attention and has really touched my heart because it is so profound. This book is designed to help us become better parents. So that our kids can learn the principles that will help them live their life in such a way that they reach their full potential.”

Fabrizio Mancini
Bestselling author including The Power of Self-Healing President of the Parker UniversityCounselor at the White House Commission for Alternative Medicine

I am extremely proud to be involved with the authors of Total Confidence for Kids”.This book has such an important message, and exactly in line with what the world needs today. I wholeheartedly recommend this book”

Mark Thornton
Bestselling author of Meditation in a New York Minute profesor at Harvard University

I highly recommend Total Confidence for Kids. We leave the hospital or the birthing rooms without a manual and it is so important to train yourself as parents. You need a license to drive a truck but anybody can be a parent…and it is not true! You need training and this book will give you the training that you need and I highly recommend it”

Shelley Lefkow
Co-author of the bestseller Chicken Soup for theSoul – Guide To Effective School Parenting.

Children and parents face new and different challenges in these rapidly changing times. We all have a relationship with children, whether it's as a parent, grandparent, sibling, teacher, friend or as the often forgotten child inside. And most of us realize that the better future we all want rests with the children. As John Kennedy said, "Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future." Fredric Douglass said, "It's easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." But how do we raise strong, fulfilled, confident, loving children today? This book has the contemporary answers to that important question, and for that reason is a must read in these challenging and rapidly changing times”

Terry Tillman
Author of book The Call: Who Are You and Why Are You Here? Delivers Life-changing seminars leader in 97 countries

A unique blend of wisdom and practicality, this book written by a powerful mother daughter team- can change the life of millions of kids today and has the power to touch generations we will not see. Page for page the best approach to raise confident, responsible and happy kids. After reading this book, you will no longer feel at a loss”

Joan & Stewart Emery
Founders of Belvedere consultants best selling authors of Success Built to Last

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