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“Desafiando Imposibles” (Challenging impossibles) is structured in 7 sequential steps, that can guide the readers to become confident enough to challenge all the things they may find impossible in their lives.

It is a journey to discovering the internal resources we have, but seldom use. This book is not about magic formulas or a quick fix, but rather presents a holistic method with many practical strategies that the readers can tailor to meet their own specific needs.

The method reflect 25 years of our world-wide experience and gathers the best techniques from coaching, neuroscience, accelerated learning and management.

“Desafiando Imposibles” is alike “Confianza total” in the sense that it has been written with a style that can capture the attention of people of all ages and backgrounds, that can be used at universities as well as in business, it presents solid research data, and also moving stories that can inspire people to live to their highest vision. And it is different from Confianza Total, because it touches different topics and also it goes deeper: throughout these years, we wrote down many points of interest of our readers, as well as their questions, their problems, and we took this time, to find the best answers, so in a way, the index has been written by our readers!



FOREWORD by Jack Canfield

We all want to make our dreams come true. Yet more often than not we aren´t creating the results we want for our life. Many times when we dream about the life we would like to live, we find ourselves saying, “This is too hard,” “this is not for me,” “this is impossible.” How many “impossibles” do you have in your life?

It´s a great time for a book on this subject: the world is filled with new exciting challenges and possibilities, yet we are filled with the same old doubts about ourselves. We still believe there are many things that we cannot do, that we cannot achieve, that are simply impossible for us. Challenges are part of our life, and are present in every stage of our growth; so learning to overcome them is a universal need. Your challenges can be as simple as losing weight, finding a partner, buying a house, or as complex as overcoming the death of a loved one.

In Challenging Impossibles Veronica and Florencia offer a breakthrough approach to overcome challenges with success and regain the possibility of being happy in every area of your life. While most books focus on creating success and happiness from the outside, this book shows that the best way to face your challenges is by building what they call “Total Confidence”-- working from the inside out, using internal resources we all have but we seldom use. In these pages, you will find new and practical strategies organized around specific subjects: how to reprogram your mind for success; how to overcome difficult times; how to achieve an optimal state for your body, mind and emotions; how to apply the strategies of the geniuses to your life; how to set goals with success; and finally how to have more fun and joy in your life. This book is not about magic formulas or a quick fix, but rather presents a holistic approach with many strategies that you can tailor to your own specific needs.

One of the reasons I am so excited about this book you are about to read is that I personally know both of the authors, and I know how deeply dedicated they are to helping you create the life that you want, the life you dream of, the life that you so richly deserve. I first met Veronica 15 years ago when we were both invited to present at the International Self-Esteem Conference in Athens, Greece. I was impressed by her grace, her intelligence, her radiant presence of love and joy, and the depth of her knowledge about the development of human potential. A few years later we met again at a conference in Liverpool, England, and again I was impressed by the quality of love, joy and abundance that she exuded, as well as by the passion and effectiveness with which she presented her material.

Seven years ago she began collaborating with her daughter, Florencia, and they wrote a book entitled Confianza Total, which has become a perennial top seller in several countries around the world. Florencia, in her short 33 years, has already become an amazing professional with leadership skills and wisdom that far surpass her young age.

They are the perfect people to have written this book because they are not intimidated by challenges; on the contrary, they are motivated by them. They totally live by the statement “When somebody tells us that something is impossible, we feel totally motivated to prove them wrong.” They don’t perceive any limits on themselves. Instead, they continually set breakthrough goals and live by incredibly high standards of excellence in everything they do. Every time they tell me what is “new and good” in their life, I am pleasantly surprised to see how quickly they have moved in the direction of their dreams. And they are always thankful. They are living proof that the principles they teach in this book works.

Challenging Impossibles presents a broad and solid approach that combines cutting edge research, the best coaching principles along with moving and inspiring stories of well-known and as well as unknown people, stories from their training courses students that illustrate the power of the powerful principles and practical techniques they teach. And even though their message is profound, their writing style is entertaining and easy to read.

You are about to embark on adventure that can transform your life…and you are in safe hands with two wonderful guides who will guarantee you the trip of a lifetime. All you have to do now is read, trust, assimilate and apply what they say.

Enjoy the journey!
Jack Canfield
January, 2013

"Finally a book that shows us how our challenges are our greatest opportunities and how there is only "possible" in this life of ours. Verónica and Florencia will guide you to the life you always wanted. "Challenging Impossibles" is a must read for everyone"

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini
Best-selling author of The Power of Self-Healing and chiropractor of Dr.Phill tv show

Wonderful! Verónica de Andrés & Florencia Andrés have written a book that is inspiring, practical and delightful to read. Challenging the impossibles has never been so easy. Combining solid research data with moving life stories and innumerable strategies, this book offers a complete, seven-step program to becoming stronger, happier and more successful in all areas of your life. What a powerful approach to living an extraordinary life."

Marci Shimoff
#1 NY Times Bestselling Author, Happy for No Reason, Love for No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Woman´s Soul

Verónica and Florencia will motivate you like no one else to achieve all your goals. A must-read book!”

Damián Amato
President of SONY MUSIC Cono Sur

Verónica and Florencia are the two brightest stars in the Southern hemisphere sky. They are masters at reorienting you to see new horizons and wonderful paths, and will be with you as you change your life. Buy this book - with total confidence!"

Dr. Mark McKergow
Bestselling author of Solutions Focus

I LOVE the title of your new book. This is a VERY important idea. Our world is filled with so many 'impossibles'...but they remain impossibles only until someone comes along and challenges that assumption. "Man can not fly", "We'll never get to the moon", "We can't do open heart surgery". All of these were naive and impossible... until someone came along and said, "NO, this is not impossible." What in you life now is 'impossible'? What if it weren't? Isn't it time that impossible no longer ruled your life or the life of the world. So...think about those dreams you have that you really want and that you think are impossible. Write them down. Then…buy this book and turn each one of them into possible....and accomplished. You can do it.”

Martin Rutte
Co-Author Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work and founder of the Project Heaven on Earth

When words resonate at the frequency of love as they were intended, it becomes a powerful and transformational awakening. Verónica and Florencia speak to us on every level of possibility in our lives and provide us with the tools to recognize and achieve our greatest self while we are here on this Earth.

Christa Frosch
Sotheby’s International Realty Canada

Wow! "Challenging Impossibles" is both profound in its insights but simple in its applications. If you're looking for ideas that you can use right now, to change your life and achieve your "impossibles" then this is the book for you. Backed by the latest science and research along with practical case studies, this book is bound to change your life!"

Nick Ortner
bestselling author of The Tapping Solution

You are about to embark on an adventure that can transform your life...and you are in safe hands with two wonderful guides who will guarantee you the trip of a lifetime. All you have to do now is read, trust, assimilate and apply what they say. Enjoy the journey!"

Jack Canfield
Guinness Book World Record for having seven books simultaneously on the New York Times Bestseller List

This is a perfect guide to achieve those things you would love to be, do or have but believe are "impossible" for you. It is a fascinating book that combines coaching techniques with practical strategies that will motivate you to achieve goals in all areas of your life: your self-esteem, your health, your relationship with others, your projects and your happiness. It will move you to live fully alive and to act. A must-read by two gifted and beautiful souls."

Dr. Stewart Emery
Bestselling author of Success Built To Last and You don´t have to rehearse to be yourself

Challenging Impossibles is the result of something that seemed impossible to achieve: a perfect combination of the power of emotions, with coaching and neuroscience principles, intertwined to guide people to achieve their dreams and to make a significant contribution to the lives of those around them. It is simply extraordinary. I deeply congratulate Verónica and Florencia: two outstanding women united with the purpose of making a difference in our lives.”

Tomas Morell
President of Franklin Covey Latinamerica and Caribbean 

Challenging Impossibles is a grounded and sane guide leading back to the power of your authentic. It leads you, body , mind, and spirit beyond all that you fear and into the brilliant power of you. It leads with such authority , wisdom, practicality, and workable tools that even the greatest of those who doubt can't fail to succeed with this guide in hand”.

Sonia Choquette PHD
NY Times Best Selling Author of The answer is simple.. love your spirit.

The greatest stop sign ever encountered by a human being is the belief and statement, “I can’t.” It almost instantly aborts the possibility of any worthy endeavor, project, journey, or goal. Verónica & Florencia de Andrés effectively drive past that self-negating thought with a very powerful method: Challenging Impossibles with Total Confidence Their brilliant new work will guide you to realize your dreams, and help you fly beyond the limits that have held you back in the past. I whole-heartedly endorse this book and invite you fulfill your greatest desires. You CAN do it!”

Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D.
CEO of Scheele Learning Systems, Founding Partner of Learning Strategies Corporation.

Would you like to go beyond your own limiting beliefs, expand your potential and discover that there are no “impossibles” in your life? Verónica and Florencia take you hand in hand, through a simple yet powerful method to unlearn the limiting beliefs that constrain your life and your dreams and to discover that you have an infinite capacity to achieve what you want.

Andrés Portillo
international speaker and author of Te amo porque se me da la gana

It is a such a pleasure for me to recommend this book"

Don Miguel Ruiz
Author of the Four Agreements

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